Instructions for AP Classes

Hello Advanced Placement Students!

Congratulations on enrolling in an Advanced Placement class. These are rigorous courses, and we are excited to be able to offer you these classes as an Englewood eLearning student. These classes are taught by Edgenuity instructors on a separate platform called Edgenuity Instructional Services. This is why you are not seeing your AP classes with your other classes when you log into Edgenuity - they are housed on two separate platforms. 

You should have received an email from Edgenuity this week with instructions on how to access your Edgenuity Instructional Services account. We have also created this Guide with step by step instructions. Please log in now to access your AP classes.

Once you log in, you will see that your AP teachers communicate with you through the Message Center. You may have a message waiting for you from your AP teacher in the Message Center. 

AP classes require textbooks and reading materials in addition to the curriculum on the Edgenuity Instructional Services site. We have created these Google Folders with lists of required AP reading materials as well as online copies of materials we have available at this time. We have also ordered hard copies of the materials that we cannot locate online. These hard copies should arrive next week.

If your class has the required online reading materials, please start the class. If your materials have not yet arrived, you may want to wait to start the class. We will contact you when the materials have arrived for your class.

Please reach out to Megan Walcott at if you have any questions.