**UPDATE Grades 7-12 Changes for the Spring Semester

Dear eLearning Students and Families,

Thank you for taking time to provide feedback regarding the experience you have had thus far. To best support the secondary experience, we wanted to share the changes we are making as a result of teacher, student, and family feedback. To clarify, we will not be dropping Edgenuity as our Learning Management System, and we will be proceeding with Edgenuity core classes led by our Englewood teachers. We will also be using Edgenuity Electives and AP classes led by Edgenuity teachers. However, we are confident that the changes below will support a better overall experience with Edgenuity.

Additionally, students will not be required to start Edgenuity classes until January 11th. However, if students would like to start early, they will be able to do so starting January 6th, 2021. All courses will be ready to go on that date, and students may get a head start on their work.

Please click here to see the overview of the REQUIRED January 6th, 7th, and 8th eLearning Orientation

Please read below for a detailed synopsis of the changes we are making. These changes can be summarized in three points:


1. Edgenuity Pacing and Required Zoom Sessions

  • To better enhance and leverage the teacher-student relationship, we will be adjusting how Edgenuity lessons are provided.

    • Old Way: Provide access to Edgenuity courses. Students pace themselves and receive support from teachers accordingly.

    • New Way: Our teachers are developing a pacing guide of sorts that matches the Edgenuity lessons to days of the week throughout the semester. Essentially, our teachers are mapping out Edgenuity lessons to match our semester calendar. Students will participate in two Edgenuity lessons per week. Some courses will require additional asynchronous lessons, which will also be mapped out by the teacher. Students are required to attend all Zoom sessions.

    • How this Helps: Students will be able to stay on progress in their coursework, as the teacher will be leading the Edgenuity lessons during Zoom sessions. This will also help students maintain a progression that will ensure them to finish the course on time. Moreover, this will allow for targeted support, provided by an Englewood teacher, aligned to lessons that occur in accordance with the pacing of the course. Parents will be provided with these pacing maps.


2. Seminar Friday Replacing Flex Friday

  • Old Way: Students attend grade level meetings on Fridays and discuss important topics related to eLearning.

  • New Way: All students are assigned a seminar teacher to meet with on Fridays. In general, each teacher will have about 30 students that he/she will work with the entire semester. During Seminar Friday, teachers will meet with groups of about 8 students for 30 minutes each. For example:

    • Mr. Whitaker has 32 students in his Seminar class

      • 8:00-8:30- Meet with 8 students

      • 8:35-9:05- Meet with 8 students

      • 9:10-9:40- Meet with 8 students

      • 9:45-10:15- Meet with 8 students

  • How this Helps: This system will allow for targeted support outside of courses, including ensuring students remain on track and receive the support they need to be successful. It will also allow for relationship-building between teachers and students, something that was valued based on feedback.


3. Three Day Required Orientation on January 6th, 7th, and 8th for ALL eLearning Students

  • Old Way: Students started Edgenuity on their own, with support from admin and teachers as needed.

  • New Way: All students will be required to attend a 3 day orientation for Englewood eLearning. This will be a comprehensive overview of all expectations of students as well as an overview of available resources and support.

  • What this Looks Like: It is important that you familiarize yourself with what will be offered on those three days, as MANY questions will likely be addressed then. This information will be shared again on Monday, January 4th.